The Celtic source toponymy means “a high, rocky and fortified place” belonged to the administrative district of Lusitania - between Douro and Guadiana rivers - in the middle of roman via connecting Bracara Augusta (Braga) and Olísipio ( Lisboa).
In the earlier first centaury - being Augusto the Caesar of the Roman Empire, Conímbriga was a very well developed city with beautiful houses, spas and a Forum. Conímbriga reappeared in the end of 19th centaury due to excavations made by archaeologists.
In 1962 opened the Monographic Museum of Conímbriga with the spoils found in those excavations. On the first room we can see artefacts related to the money circulation in the Roman Empire as well as arts and handcrafts manufactured by the community. On the second it can be admirer the Flavium forum with nice mosaics and mural paintings.
The ruins show quarters of collective and private residential with special emphasis to the house of Cantaber and the spring house. The first one is the largest of the Western Roman Empire with it own spa. The second, is highly elaborate due to artistic beauty as it can be seen on its gardens with exquisite spring games and magnificent mosaics with polychromatic, mythologist and floral patterns.